ANC Selection for 2017
Changes to Selection Events in 2017


Journey to the Bowl
Follow Pete Hollands and Justin Howard as they train for the world championship


Theodor Herzl - Workshop Duplicate


National Youth Co-ordinater
Expressions of interest.






Coming Congresses:

   Tricks And Trumps: Jan 28-29


   Dendy Park: 12 Feb
   Congress at Dendy


   Yarra Valley: 3-5 Feb
   Super: Extra masterpoints




Coming Competitions:

   Open Butler 2017
   State Event
   Wed: Jan 25 - Feb 15


   Women's Selection 2017
   State Event
   Mon: Feb 13, 27 & Mar 6


   Seniors Selection 2017
   State Event
   Mon: Feb 13, 27 & Mar 6



Duplicate News:

   Nationwide Pairs
   1st and 3rd Saturday


   Part of duplicate revamp









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